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Executive Medicals | Century City Health

Century City Health

Executive Medicals

We understand the importance of the executive and management teams within industry. These vital cogs in society are pivotal in creating economic stability and growth. We assist in safeguarding the future of businesses by offering comprehensive medical assessments for key personnel. The value of the exec/ director/ manager can be beyond measure.

The extensive history, examination and special investigations are done to determine wellness and identify potential problems before they arise. Our service includes extensive non-invasive investigations, managing disease, initiating therapy, assisting with health risk reduction, referral where required and annual review. Our core focus is looking for cardiovascular threats (leading cause of death globally.)

Following the assessment, our medical professionals then compile a detailed feedback report. This feedback report will outline concerns noted and advice on how to manage the problems. We pride ourselves in personal attention and the establishment of lasting relationships.

Thorough patient history

This is an essential part of getting to know the patient

Full physical examination

Height, weight, BMI, blood pressure, respiratory, cardiovascular, neurological, skin, endocrinological, urogenital, gastro-intestinal and musculoskeletal systems

Abdominal Ultrasound

Screening organs such as liver, kidneys, bladder, abdominal aorta, pancreas and spleen. Trying to identify abnormalities such as growths, enlargement and gallstones. This procedure is normally carried out in radiology departments

Carotid Assessment

This is important in mitigating stroke risk. This procedure helps identify vascular disease. Vascular disease is the leading cause of death and mortality worldwide. If we can see plaque we can manage and reduce the risk of possible complications


Assessing heart function, valve integrity and mechanics. This modality is used by cardiologists to assess how well the heart works. The heart is visualised in real time  and measurements  flow rates, ejection fraction and wall thickness are recorded. Colour flow doppler images allow for the  assessment of compromised valves

Lung Function

Spirometry measures how well the lungs work (forced vital capacity, inspiratory volume and peak flow rate). The damage inflicted by smoking or respiratory disease can be quantified. Asthma control and review is monitored by pulmonologists with this type of equipment

Stress ECG

A resting ECG precedes the stress ECG. Helpful in screening for heart disease (Ischaemic heart disease and arrhythmia.) Heart disease and stroke remain the number 1 killer. If we can pick something up early, we can save lives. Rhythm disturbances can also be recognised and managed

Thyroid Ultrasound

Usually done in the radiology department. Useful for assessing thyroid structure composition, size and looking for nodules. Potentially cancerous nodules can be identified and investigated

Pathology Tests

Full blood count, Urea and Electrolytes, GGT, Ferritin, PSA (men), Uric acid, Thyroid Stimulating Hormone, Lipogram (total cholesterol, triglycerides, HDL and LDL cholesterol) and glucose. This comprehensive battery of blood tests adds enormous value in assessing overall wellbeing. It provides an excellent platform for establishing the presence of underlying illness

Urine Analysis

Investigating  urinary tract abnormalities by screening for abnormal content in urine including blood, white cells, protein, glucose, nitrites, urobilinogen

Comprehensive report

Detailed  history, examination and special investigations. The summary report is simplified and highlights concerns noted and suggested management options. All reports are completed within 2 weeks of the appointment. Follow up discussions and queries are welcomed and encouraged.

Gold Cross
Please Note before attending!

Please allow for at least 2 and a half hours.

Before attending the executive medical, patients are advised to have fasted (no eating or drinking) for a minimum of six hours prior to the examination.

Please note that a cancellation fee will be charged for non-arrivals or cancellations  within 24 hours of the scheduled booking.

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