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Century City Health is a professional medical practice situated in the heart of Century City, Cape Town.

Home to Doctor Nick Wilton, a family doctor offering general medical consultations from paediatric to geriatric care. Dr Wilton has a range of medical services on offer, including family medical practice, executive medicals, travel clinic, insurance medicals, Vitality Health check-ups and vitamin infusions.

Our core values and key focus at our consulting rooms lies within the quality of treatment and care, not the number of patients seated in the waiting area.

Executive Health

We understand the importance of the executive and management teams within industry. These vital cogs in society are pivotal in creating economic stability and growth. We assist in safeguarding the future of businesses by offering comprehensive medical assessments for key personnel.

The extensive history, examination and special investigations are done to determine wellness and identify potential problems before they arise. Our service includes managing disease, initiating therapy, assisting with health risk reduction, referral where required and annual review.

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