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Century City Health Doctors

Century City Health

Century City Health is a professional medical practice situated at the Colosseum in Century City, Cape Town.

Home to Doctor Nick Wilton, a family doctor offering general medical consultations from paediatric to geriatric care. Dr Wilton has a range of medical services on offer, including family medical practice, executive medicals, travel clinic, insurance medicals, Vitality Health check-ups and vitamin infusions.

Our core values and key focus at our consulting rooms lies within the quality of treatment and care, not the number of patients seated in the waiting area.


General Practice

Finding the right doctor is a deeply personal choice. When seeking medical care, our doctors are prepared to go the extra mile for you to get the medical assurance you and your family need.

Our service ranges from diagnosing the common cold or flu to prescriptions for acute and chronic conditions. We have expertise in women, men, child and elderly health. Old fashioned family values are respected whilst keeping abreast of the latest medical education and innovations.

Routine tests (blood pressure, blood tests, glucose and cholesterol), special investigations (ultrasound scans, lung function and stress & resting ECG’s) as well as intravenous vitamin infusions are on offer.

Executive Medicals

We understand the importance of the executive and management teams within industry. These vital cogs in society are pivotal in creating economic stability and growth. We assist in safeguarding the future of businesses by offering comprehensive medical assessments for key personnel. 

The extensive history, examination and special investigations are done to determine wellness and identify potential problems before they arise. Our service includes managing disease, initiating therapy, assisting with health risk reduction, referral where required and annual review.

For more details on the process, bookings and tests conducted, please click on the tab.

Travel Clinic

Do you plan on journeying overseas, to a foreign country or working offshore? Have you researched all the necessary medical requirements prior to your voyage? Travelling can be stressful. The last thing you need is the additional strain of scrambling for vaccines and medication at the last minute.

Will you be at risk of infectious diseases? The dangers of Malaria should never be underestimated. We will advise you in providing the necessary vaccinations, preventative and emergency medication for your trip. Our practice is licensed to administer Yellow Fever vaccines and issue Yellow cards.

IV Nutrition Drips

IV drips or “intravenous micro-nutrient therapy” is all the rage in natural healthcare and is now available at Century City Health. 

Patients have reported enormous benefit in the management of anxiety and stress, assistance with weight loss, increasing energy levels, uplifting mood and boosting the immune system. 

Gastro-intestinal disorders can result in reduced absorption of necessary nutrients. Intravenous infusions will ensure that all the required vitamins are absorbed. Cancer and chemotherapy can ravage the body. IV vitamin infusions can help restore the body’s normal balance.

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